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Summer Market Update | Where is the Market at right now?

Where's the market going? The world's on fire! The biggest question that we're getting right now is what's happening in the market it's the interest rates going up have affected where we're going

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Lending - What You Should Know

Working with a great lender is important more than ever these days because the interest rates are rising and having somebody on your side who knows the ins and outs of all the programs and the

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How To Sell Your Home Appropriately: Pricing Your Home - Top Dollar

A big topic right now is appropriately pricing your home. There are a lot of merits that go into picking the right number to list your home, especially in this market.It's proven to be a little

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How to handle Inflation and Real Estate

One of the biggest topics everyone is talking about right now is the economy and inflation. There is no doubt. We are in a bear market and have been experiencing inflation for the better part of

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