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Zillow Home Estimates

Over the years we get asked a lot are Zillow estimates accurate. That's a great question. A lot of people want to know how accurate Zillow estimates are. I call Zillow estimates a guesstimate,

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Which is Better: Airbnb or Long-Term Renting?

I wanted to talk to you about our latest Airbnb property that we just launched. Now this property we actually purchased as a two family home. We purchased it as a primary residence because we lived

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Real Estate Market Update February 2022

Hi everyone, just a quick market update. This past month, we have noticed a slight increase in inventory.There are currently 747 homes for sale and compared to this time last month there were 702 so

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Real Estate Market Update January 2022

Are you wondering what's going on in today's real estate market here in Monmouth County well we're here to tell you.  Currently, there are 702 homes for sale and there's 858 homes under

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