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Dated: June 13 2022

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I wanted to talk a little bit today about buyers and specifically do I keep having to go over asking price in order to secure my home. So much has changed in the market in the last few weeks with our buyers um in the past month alone, I've been able to secure five buyers under contract that are closing in the next couple of months in the summer, which is very exciting.

But you know, things have gotten differently since january and a lot of the times, a lot of the questions I get are do I still have to go over the asking price in order to get the home of my dreams.

I'm gonna tell you today, is that everything here is a situational basis and no, you don't always have to go over the asking price.

There are times that with situations of the homes that you fall in love with, you can actually get that price under asking or there's a home that you like that has a lot of interest.

For example a lot of the turnkey homes, the homes that are completely finished, that have a beautiful kitchen,  beautiful yard, fenced in, your dream finished basement.

Those are the homes that we've been seeing that have been going a little bit more over asking.  So it really depends on what type of buyer you are, are you looking for a home that needs improvement, are you looking for a home that needs something that's completely done.

That's really what's going to dictate, you know what the interest is of that home and is it that you're going to have to go over asking or not?

I would say now is a great time for buyers to get out there, start looking at seeing what they want, start kind of comparing and contrasting to all the things that they need and really making sure that it's a home that they love because when you love it, you're gonna make sure you put the price that is comfortable for you and you're going to be able to get your dream home as well.

So don't worry about all the Different prices that you've been hearing or going $100,000 over asking or having to pay all cash. We're kind of in this phase right now where we're able to make different situations work based off what you need and so it's really your story to tell and we're here to help guide you to get there.

The one last tip that I'll really leave that I know really does make a difference, is going to be your mortgage and what your pre approval is. So if you haven't had time yet today to get pre approved to kind of get your information and what kind of monthly payment you're looking for, what could closing costs be.

Those two big questions are really going to help you decide how much money you want to put down, how much money you want to spend and is this home that you're so in love with going to be worth going over asking or not?

If it has that interest level, we're here to help you all the way through each transaction. So if you ever have any questions about how the market's performing today or what you need to do in order to get the home of your dreams, reach out.

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